The Making Of The Mercedes Ad


This ad was a lot of fun to make!  My wife and I both drive Mercedes - (used ones, of course!), and we have always admired their ads on TV.  I thought it would be fun to give this type of ad a try- their style is formal but edgy at the same time.  I grabbed the video off of ISpotTV and ended up with this:

How It's Done

So how did I do it?  Well it takes a few steps - first you have to analyze the source code of the original page and get the path to the .mp4 video file.  Once you have that, download the file and transcribe the script of the announcer.

Then I re-record the voice over, trying to stay as true as I can to the flow of the video.  I use Reaper as my audio recording software, and it lets me chop up the audio as I wish to match the scenes of the video.  Then I head over to YouTube and grab one of their free background music tracks- something not too obtrusive, but with a little dynamism, to keep the video moving with the motion of the car.

I use something called a side-chain compressor on the music, so it 'ducks down' while I'm talking...and pops back up during the silent bits of the voiceover.  Once I had all this together, I burned a final copy of the audio.

Bring It All Together

I then load the original video track along with the new audio track into my VideoPad editor, and just mute out the original spot's audio and replace it with my own.  I make a few cuts into the video to make it match the pacing of my audio track, and there you go- a completed demo spot.  I hope you enjoy watching it.  If you would like to hire me to make a spot for you, just head over to my contact page - I'll get back to you right away!